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Quick Bridge Solutions is proud to announce our newest solution!
Tweet Minder is specifically designed for radio stations to make their Twitter experience more exciting for their listeners. With Tweet Minder you are able to have instant access to your Twitter account send status updates in a hurry. In addition Tweet Minder also features the ability to schedule tweets to go out at a specified date and time. Additional options are available including Automation integration. For more information about this app and how to purchase Tweet Minder contact us here.

New From Quick Bridge Solutions ....

Have you ever wanted to listen to your favorite radio station, while changing your Facebook status, while reading the latest news headlines?

Well you can now with Mult-e-Task!

This app lets you connect to your favorite social networks, search the web, look up new recipes for dinner, check our movie listings and then tune in your favorite radio staion.

If you don’t find what you like in the Mult-e-Task presets, just got to the contact page in the app, and send your suggestions.  We would like to make this app a useful as possible.

We welcome, radio station suggestions for our directory of stations, and website suggestions for the main content channels within the app.

Click Here to find this app in the iTunes App Store.

Quick Bridge Solutions is now featuring custom iPhone applications for Radio stations and online radio stations. With this new project radio stations can make their brand a permanent part of the iPhone's desktop and easily available where ever listeners are.

QBS is proud to announce the release of our first application which was designed specifically for WBNJ 91.9 a new Jazz/Big Band radio station that will be hitting the airwaves this spring. Their custom QBS designed, iPhone native app is now available in the iTunes App Store. Get app.

Radio stations looking to offer their own custom iPhone application can contact Quick Bridge Solutions by clicking the contact us link. QBS is designing these custom apps at a price of $600 per station/$350 for non-commercial stations. For more info and a list of requirements contact us today.


The QB-EM Shield
  • No more noise
  • No more interference
  • No kidding

As Featured on Mac World
What is it?

We are sorry to announce that the QB EM Shield is no longer available. Thank you to everyone that purchased them. With the newer iPhones, the shield is not needed.

The QB-EM Shield is a patent pending shield for your iPhone that makes streaming radio on your iphone more listen able.

What does it do?
The QB-EM shield blocks the series of Electro-Magnetic pulses that iPhones release while receiving data. These EM pulses can effect electronic equipment, such as telephones, speakers, radios, and computer speakers. Mostly those devices that do not comply with proper FCC standards or have not provided proper EMI and RFI shielding. The QB-EM shield can block 80-90% of the interference generated by the iPhone.

How do I use it?
The QB-EM Shield is very easy to use. It's simple business card shape makes it fit easily into most iPhone cases or docking stations. Just place the shield at the back of your case at the bottom, so that the shield will cover the black stripe at the lower section at the back of the iPhone.

Our product is made of metal, and as a result, placing any form of metal near the antenna of the phone can cause a loss in signal. However, the effects that our research has shown is minimal. We believe so strongly in our product that we are willing to give you a refund if significant signal loss is experienced as a result of using this product. Just ship the shield back and we will refund your money.


  • Reducing the EMI/RFI that can effect speakers, radios, telephones, etc.
  • Though unproven, can reduce the amount of EMF exposure to your body. This may provide a health benefit especially for individuals with pacemakers.

See our demo video below ...

** iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.